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Letters from the Haiti School

  • From the school and church in haiti
    Masline Juste is 14 and is in junior high, an equivelent class to ours here.
    They are two of a family of six. Pieces of linin make the walls for their one room home.
    They speak the language of poverty.  You can see the mud at the bottom of the wall. If it rains a lot, they get wet inside.
    Imagine the kids who sleep on the floor.
    The family is grateful for the opporatuity you have granted their kids to go to school and get an education.
    Thank you for your love and monthly support that makes this possible.
    Please pray for the discouragement that seems to overpower the parents because of Dadines illness with epilepsy.
    The parents are born again Christians, and they are praying one day, that their daughter will find some meds to help her with the constant scary eppisodes. This couple have two kids in our school. Wilson Paul is 13 years old and is in the 4th grade. His younger brother Jackson is in 3rd grade, he is 11. They are older for their class but they are gratefull for the opporatunity you have given them to go to school and learn how to read and write; and most importantly you have given them an opporatunity to hear Gods word and memorise his word weekly.
    Unfortunately the boys were not there when we went to visit the family and take pictures.The family is grateful for your love and care for their children and community. It is their hope that the boys could grow up one day to serve the lord and their community as well. The two older boys attend our school.
    Max and Valery Frazier
    World Christian Outreach
  • Please help the children of Haiti

    Stories such as these are way too common in Haiti. A child with epilepsy and a family living in poverty. 

    A child too ashamed to go to school because they have no shoes.

    Still there is good news and great hope for these wonderful children through your donations.

    You can help these children learn to read and become productive members of society.

    Please contact us if you have questions, wish to donate or need prayers.

    We want to hear from you!

    Columbia River Fellowship

    Sam Buckingham
    Pastor CRF

30 - 1st Street
Mansfield, WA  
98830    USA

Phone: 509-670-1193
Sam Buckingham, Larry Derting Bill Redfield, Dwayne Turner,
Eric Barger


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